Mothering Sunday Message

As the church services are suspended at the moment because of COVID19, we thought we would post the talk that Revd. Sarah was due to give on Mothering Sunday.


I shall be referring to Exodus 2:1-10, 2 Corinthians 1:3-7, St John’s Gospel 19:25-27.  You may like to read them in your Bible, or on line first.

Referring back to the Old Testament reading, I’d like to stress that it was because Moses’ mother loved Him so much that she made a plan to keep him safe at a time when baby boys were in danger.

Just think about that, how do you think the new mother felt when she said goodbye to her baby and placed, him in a basket in the river?

Again, take a moment and wonder how she felt when she heard baby Moses had been found and was safe.

Finally, how might she have felt when Moses was given to her, his mother, by the princess, to care for him while he was young?

Moses’ mother’s special love for him meant that he was protected from harm and cared for well.

Wire brush, hair brush, soft sponge, LEGO house, scouring pad and cotton wool

Wire brush, hair brush, soft sponge, LEGO house, scouring pad and cotton wool

Look at this picture, which objects are hard, which are soft?  What do you think each one is used for – softness and toughness are appropriate for different tasks.? You might clean a wound with cotton wool, but you wouldn’t build a house with it – I tried!.  So I built a house with bricks, Lego bricks! You need strong bricks to make a place in which we can be safe.

What else is there?  Ah, a bath sponge, I soaked it in water recently, squeezed it out and it was so soft, lovely for washing my face.  Ouch, that pan scourer there in the picture, that would be too rough.  The sponge wouldn’t clean a pan either would it?  We need different types of materials for different tasks.

Two brushes, one for hair (soft), one for brushing rusty metal (rough)

Our mothers and anyone else who cares for us need a special kind of love.  It’s a love which is gentle to care for us, and, strong to keep us safe.  Soft, hard, gentle, tough.

The Bible talks a lot about love.  It says that God loves us in a way which is soft to comfort and tough to protect. Psalm 91:4 – He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge.

Also, Proverbs 18:10 – The Lord is a mighty tower where his people can run for safety.

We shouldn’t just think of ourselves though, something we are acutely aware of (I hope) in these difficult times we are in.  The Epistle reading tells us God Comforts us, so we in turn can console others.  We need to ensure all people have someone to care for them.  Jesus, in the Gospel reading, in agony on the cross, made sure Mary and John would care for each other.

Let’s say thank you for God’s love and for the love of those who care for us:

Love is tough and strong to protect. Can you flex the muscles in your arms?

Shout: Thank you God for your love and the love of those who care for us.  Clap

Love is soft and gently to comfort stroke your hands.

Whisper: Thank you God for your love and the love of those who care for us.


Loud  Quiet

Soft  Tough


Yes, that’s what mothers are, that’s what carers are